Bricks in Happy Colors
This quilt is, I think, one of the most beautiful, I has ever made. I love the play with the colors and the fabrics and has a great feeling of happines arranging the design.
The quilt was handmade, and as something new for me, I made this without paper-templates indside while sewing, which is usual for quilters in Denmark (English way we call this). I like this way very much, but did not believe, that I was able to learn it!
The quilt was made for Dorthe, who is an artist herself, painting beautiful pictures using wonderful colors. In my mind creating the quilt I had the colors in a lithograph made by Asger Jorn and some of Dorthe's paintings, hanging on her walls.
The quilt was backed with fleece, so it is warm and light because of Dorthe's arthritis.
Hand quilted. Measures 130 x 180 cm. 2005.